Apple IOS

Apple has released the second beta of iOS 16.2, which it is preparing to offer to everyone in December. This update includes improvements to the Freeform collaboration app and Home app. In addition to these two features, it turned out that a new “Special Accessibility Mode” is being worked on for iPhone and iPad that will provide a “streamlined” experience.

Accessibility Mode for iPhones and iPads
Codenamed “Clarity”, this new mod basically replaces Springboard (the main iOS interface) with a more streamlined mod. The feature, which is not yet available to users in the current beta version, will be offered as an accessibility option aimed at making the iPhone and iPad interface more user-friendly for users who may find it too complex.

Apple describes Special Accessibility Mode as “a customizable, simplified way to use your iPhone and iPad.” The new feature works in some ways similar to the existing Guided Access mode, which allows users to lock their device to a single app. At the same time, Special Accessibility Mode will allow users to browse the system with some restrictions.

For example, users will be able to adjust things like UI and larger text, apps available on the Home Screen, allowed contacts, and access to hardware buttons when Special Accessibility Mode is enabled. A password can also be set to prevent others from changing these settings. Triple-clicking the Side button or Home button will quickly enable or disable Special Accessibility Mode. This feature is currently used as Controlled Access.